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KidZoneStore™ SecureGuard Baby Monitor: 5" IPS Screen, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio

KidZoneStore™ SecureGuard Baby Monitor: 5" IPS Screen, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio

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Experience unparalleled visibility with our Super Transparent Baby Monitor. Featuring a 5" 720p high-definition IPS screen, enjoy four times the detail and an expanded display area, ensuring ultra-clear visibility to monitor every precious moment of your baby.

Rest assured with our safe and reliable 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection, providing private and secure live streaming without the need for Wi-Fi, app downloads, or account creation.

Day or night, our monitor ensures clear images with its automatic night vision system, eliminating any disturbance with its absence of red lights. The 5000mAh battery offers up to 30 hours of monitoring in VOX mode, ensuring long-lasting battery life and energy savings.

Capture every corner of the room with the baby camera's 355° pan and 120° tilt capabilities, coupled with a 4x zoom feature for closer inspection, guaranteeing you won't miss a thing.

Enjoy intimate interaction with your baby using real-time sound, two-way talk, lullabies, and temperature detection features. Receive instant alerts on the screen when your baby cries, and use the two-way talk or play music to comfort them promptly. Experience peace of mind and enhanced connectivity with our advanced baby monitor.



Our camera requires constant power connection for operation and does not include a built-in battery. However, the display features a built-in 5000mAh battery, offering up to 30 hours of monitoring in VOX mode. To maintain battery longevity, avoid fully draining it. When the battery is low, initiate charging promptly. If the display turns off due to power loss, allow it to charge for 10-20 minutes before turning it back on. Avoid immediate power-on after plugging in.

Display Resolution: 1280*720P
Wireless Range: 300m
Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh
Multiple Receiver, Intercom,Baby Cry Alarm, Feeding Time Reminder, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Monitoring, LCD Display, Power Saver, REMOTE CONTROL, Portable,Music

Experience peace of mind with the KidZoneStore™ SecureGuard Baby Monitor. Featuring a 5" IPS screen, night vision, and 2-way audio, keep an eye on your baby day and night. Shop now for enhanced security and connectivity!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cruz Sporer

After several days of use I tell them that: image quality at the top. Good rotation. Good connection in any case for my apartment of 75m square. In the comments certain say that the sound is not loud enough I agree it is rather low when talking. But once baby this shrieking is and shrill I guarantee you we can hear it. Battery and correct but is not waw. Easy to use just branch and all this does alone. I would have liked that when the sleep mode is on and baby cries that the screen lights up on its own. This is not the case. When the standby mode and activates the screen and black but the sound is still there. It's my only concern with this device.

Citlalli Dooley

Arrived super fast in Brazil. The image until it's good, a little leg. I'll test more times. For the value is great.

Bo Ratke

KidZoneStore™ SecureGuard Baby Monitor: 5" IPS Screen, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio

Roselyn Braun

My old cal was better with a fixation système on the wall better than that. But for the price, the reactivity is good and image good enough.

Name Swaniawski

Just 10 out of 10, quality, beauty, comfort, price, all at the highest level. The image is excellent, the sound, 2x zoom (I don't know who the zoom is useful) the quality drops significantly when magnified. But the fact that the camera rotates is simply irreplaceable, put it anywhere and set it up as convenient. I did not regret and was not even too too too much to write a review) note that the mount for the camera that is screwed in here does not fit, I was looking for the answer to my question in the reviews and did not find, stopped the holder, and he does not fit….